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Introducing CJ- Zync's new marketing intern

Hello! My name is CJ Maher and I’ve just started this week as an intern at Zync Digital. I look forward to all the new connections and learning opportunities that will present themselves while in this position!

I am in my third year of university at the University of Massachusetts in MA, USA. My degree is in the study of communications, but I have a specific interest in social media, public relations, and the entertainment industry. This will be my first opportunity to work in my field of study and I’m very excited to learn more about the type of work I could be doing later on in life!

Although I haven’t been too familiar with credit unions up until this point, I am eager to learn about the inner and outer workings of the credit union sector. The same goes for social enterprises; I am very drawn to the mission that social enterprises set out to complete and look forward to getting to know all of the different businesses and the positive impacts that they bring to a society.

A few specific things that I am looking forward to throughout my time at Zync Digital are forming connections with clients, exploring the creative and design side of marketing, and also familiarizing myself even more with social media and how it can be used as a tool for businesses. I believe that I will learn a lot in this position and it will set me up for success when I go on to look for jobs after graduation. Living in a brand new city with all new faces has been a bit overwhelming, but I can tell that this team at Zync Digital is going to be a great help and a solid support system while I carry out my studies in London this semester!

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