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We've Got a New Member of the Team

Hey guys! My name is Pooja and I’m the new Marketing Assistant at Zync Digital. I’ve just started my first day here, and so far I’m loving it. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and welcoming. It makes me super excited to get stuck in with the work.

My passion for marketing is quite unique (if i do say so myself). I never really knew that this was something I wanted to do, and seem to have just fallen in love with it along the way. I think the thing that drew me to marketing the most, was the ability to express my creativity and develop innovative ideas to reach a goal and ultimately make a difference. It all started during my time at university whilst studying for my Politics and Economic degree. I was always fond of the idea of travelling and escaping the ‘London bubble’ sounded like a dream, but I wanted to find a way to make a difference in the world (as cliche as that might sound).

So I started with volunteering at a local community centre in Morocco. This soon developed into a burning desire for me to continue for as long as I could, so I decided to get in touch with my roots and explore my hometown in India, where I taught lessons in a local slum community. That’s when I first delved into marketing. My aim was to get as many volunteers to sign up as possible, so I uploaded a Youtube video vlogging my experience and managed to get around 20 people messaging me to sign-up and volunteer (and over 1000 views!). Knowing that I had made such a positive impact on a community, by merely posting a video, was amazing. From then, I knew that marketing was what I wanted to pursue, but more importantly, with a company that truly cared about making a difference. So I decided to merge this with my passion for traveling and embarked on a series of international marketing placements to further my knowledge.

In South Africa, I worked on creating content - everything from videos, documentaries to voice overs with the aim of raising awareness about important global issues. My most exciting accomplishment in South Africa was being able to host a concert to over 1000 people (including Ndileka Mandela!!) at the University of Witwatersrand. After this, I lived in Malaysia for around nine months working on community management, content creation and event organisation for a company that aimed to raise awareness about marine-life biodiversity and environmental issues. As a manager, I was able to refine my skills further, and challenge myself by working within a diverse team. I learnt how to code using HTML and CSS, refined my email marketing skills and even delved into some cheeky camera work.

Overall, these experiences allowed me to develop a strong foundation in marketing and brought me to where I am today. Being at Zync for even just one day has already made me super excited to get into the work and learn from wonderful people who have a wealth of knowledge in the field. Above all, being surrounded by such a supportive team who wants to make a positive difference, like myself, has made me feel at home and I am truly excited to see what the future holds.

Connect with Pooja on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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