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Welcoming our newest addition, Kate!

Hello! My name is Kate and I’m starting this week as a digital marketing intern for Zync Digital! I am really looking forward to working with the team and learning from this amazing experience.

I study Business Economics with Marketing and have just finished my second year at the University of Dundee. Having also done 2 years of Marketing degree in Ukraine, I felt ready to get some real-life marketing experience. This is my first time working in this field, so I am very excited. I am particularly looking forward to working with interactive social media and observing/helping to create marketing campaigns. The knowledge I will gain through the internship will definitely be beneficial when applying for graduate jobs.

I have worked with Discovery Credit Union for 2 months as a part of my internship at the University of Dundee so I had previous experience with credit unions, I understand their structure and main focus. I love the idea of working with non-profit businesses, as they are created for the people and community. Businesses like these make me inspired to help others and I hope they inspire other people too.

Some of my goals for this internship are: to learn to use social media as a channel to connect with customers, learn to develop lasting relationships with clients, learn to transform clients’ goals into marketing campaigns, broaden my network and have fun while creating content. Moving to London on my own for the summer was a bit scary, but I am sure that the friendly environment at Zync will be a reliable resource for support.

Get in touch with me at

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