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Email Marketing

Customised, automated email marketing to ensure your customers keep coming back

Case Study - Over £320,000 in revenue from segmented emails m

1st Class Credit Union
Segmented Email Marketing
Our clients, 1st Class Credit Union wanted to increase uptake in their debt consolidation loans, whilst keeping outreach costs low.
We decided that an email campaign would be the best way to reach our audience, as debt consolidation emails typically are of high value (and therefore, higher risk).
We segmented the audience into 3 distinct groups and wrote each group their own personalised email, explaining 1st Class' debt consolidation loan product, whilst trying to empathise with the positions that this audience may have found themselves in. We scheduled these emails to go out separately, so as to stagger the demand placed on the team at 1st Class.
Over the course of a few months, we monitored the uptake in debt consolidation loans from those we emailed to see the impact. We managed to generate a return of over £320,000 in lending. The total budget spent? £0.




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