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Zync Digital Ltd. is a digital marketing company, working exclusively with credit unions and not-for-profit organisations in the ethical finance sector. Some of the services offered can mean that we handle personal data on behalf of our clients, and this Privacy Policy sets out exactly what we do with that data, in line with the recent General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.

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1.     Zync Digital will only process data act on behalf of organisations where expressly agreed, to the specific instruction of said organisation, by way of written contract. In such agreements, Zync Digital will be acting as a data processor on behalf of the client; the data controller.

2.     Contracts between Zync Digital and client organisations will set out subject matter, duration, nature, and purpose of the data processing, as well as duties and rights between both data controller and data processor.

3.     Zync Digital shall assess and be responsible for appointing a Data Protection Officer if necessary.

4.     Zync Digital will provide technical and organisational measures in accordance with GDPR for keeping data safe.

5.     Zync Digital will ensure that all staff processing the personal data are committed to upholding intellectual property confidentiality laws.

6.     No personal data will be shared by Zync Digital to any other third party organisation.

7.     Zync Digital will maintain a register of clients, that describes the services provided on behalf of each with their consent.

8.     Only if Zync Digital has the express written authorisation of the client, will another data processor be engaged.

9.     Zync Digital must assist to respond to any requests made by data subjects, and carry out duties necessary in the subject of a data breach.

10.  Zync Digital will delete any personal data after contractual obligations cease to exist.

11.  Zync Digital will make available all necessary information to demonstrate compliance of GDPR to any clients.

12.  Zync Digital is under obligation to inform the data controller if they feel their instruction is a breach of GDPR.

13.  Zync Digital will cooperate with the Supervisory Authority with the performance of it’s tasks.

14.  Zync Digital’s designated representative to contact for all issues relating to the GDPR is:


Mr Anthony Bennett
Managing Director, Zync Digital
31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY

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