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At Zync Digital we believe that business should be conducted in a socially conscious manner. It’s our mission to offer the very best digital services to enable our social enterprise clients to reach as many people as possible, whilst having the most social impact on the communities they serve. Upholding our values of ethical, quality, authentic, innovative and fair business practices; we want to help spread the word that business is changing and showcase the good work that social enterprises have done throughout the pandemic period. More than ever, we need good businesses leading by example and serving the communities that they operate within.


If you know a social enterprise or entrepreneur that could benefit from working with us then we want to know about it. It’s not just going to be all fun & games for us meeting new clients and working with some amazing people who are making a difference - we want to make it worth your while as well, which is why as part of our Social Enterprize initiative if you successfully refer a new social enterprise client to us, once they’ve signed on the dotted line we’ll give you a £100 gift voucher for Social Supermarket, a marketplace that connects you with social enterprises, helping you make a positive impact in the world with your purchases. 

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