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Support for Vulnerable Members with InBest’s Free Benefits Calculator

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

As the cost of living crisis continues to hit households across the UK, many are struggling to get by with their current income. However, we are lucky to live in a country where there is financial support available to those who need it… and many people are unaware that they are entitled to claim these benefits.

We recently partnered with InBest, a platform that helps individuals to find the benefits they are entitled to and to improve their financial health. Our motive behind the partnership revolves around the work we do within the Credit Union and ethical finance sectors. We hope that by bringing awareness to InBest’s services, we can help credit unions across the country to further support their members.

What does InBest do?

The main product that InBest offers to credit unions is their free to use benefits calculator. The easy to use application allows anyone using it to find the benefits, grants and social tariffs that they’re entitled to.

“With 8mn people missing £16bn/year in benefits, helping people find the extra benefits they are eligible for can be a great first step to dealing with the skyrocketing living costs.”

InBest’s benefits calculator provides the widest range and coverage in the market, with over 50 companies currently using it to help their members, customers and clients to find extra funding that they are eligible to claim.

How is this Beneficial to Credit Unions?

InBest currently work with over 50 companies and organisations who have implemented the benefits calculator into their system. Feedback from these companies has found that the calculator…

  • Helps customers increase their income, lower their costs, and build their financial resilience.

  • Increases customer acquisition and engagement.

  • Gets insights into the impact they’re making on their customers’ financial lives.

Currently, InBest are offering a free lifetime software licence to companies in order to help support their more vulnerable customers.

If you need support with distributing or promoting the benefits calculator to your members, we can help! Get the most out of the calculator with our marketing and communication services tailored to the credit union sector.

Zync Digital does not receive any payment or referral fees for recommending InBest. We have partnered to help people improve their financial health in the midst of the cost of living crisis.

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