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The Paradox of Choice

Today we’re going to talk about why less is more. You might notice that when you finish work, slump down onto your sofa and start up Netflix, you’ll spend more time looking for something to watch, then actually watching it. This is the perfect example of the paradox of choice. There’s this fascinating theory that when given a vast variety of choice, we end up choosing nothing at all. If you opened netflix tomorrow and there was one film on it, you’d no doubt just pick that and start watching. Netflix is a great example to use, but the main reason for discussing this concept today is because the physiological effect of less is more is incredibly important when it comes to business.

If you’re trying to drive more potential customers to your site, and you’re getting hundreds of new people checking it out, but no new leads, then this is an article for you. Paid social ads work because they tell the viewer what you’re offering. They click it, because it’s simple. “Take out a loan today”. Brilliant, I’ll check that out. But suddenly, they’re bombarded with a plethora of links, mountains of text they’ll never read, random images and half a dozen buttons. Too much going on, can’t be bothered. *Closes page*.

Due, in part, to the social media boom, our attention spans are shorter than ever. Is a video over 20 seconds long? Not watching it. Is a website too hard to navigate? Not staying on it. Everything has to be spoon fed, everything has to be simple, and if your website isn’t, somebody else's is. On account of the pandemic, websites are now, more than ever, the true face of your company. Let’s make sure it’s fine tuned. Make it simple, make it quick, make it direct.

Need help tweaking your site? Want to get a whole new one built from scratch? Or perhaps just a quick streamlined landing page to get your customers straight in the door (something we’d highly recommend)? We can help! Get one of our professionals to help fix up your site!

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