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Tik Tok Takeover

Tik Tok has proven itself to be a top social media application over the past few years. Named the fastest growing platform of all time, Tik Tok broke records in the early stages of COVD-19 with 315 million downloads in Q1 of 2020. To put things into perspective, it took Instagram six years from its launch date to produce the traction that Tik Tok achieved in less than half that time.

What makes Tik Tok so appealing?

Because of the app’s fast-paced nature, with the average video ranging from 24 to 31 seconds, it keeps viewers engaged and scrolling for what can be hours on end. The For You Page provides each individual user with customized content based off of the type of videos the user interacts with the most. With a new world of videos with every scroll or refresh, it’s truly difficult to get bored with the app.

A new age for marketing and promotion of ideas

What was once considered a “silly” app for skits, dance challenges, and lip-syncing videos has now become a platform for change, transformation, and opportunity. Brands and businesses big and small have slowly but surely come to the realization that Tik Tok is an incredible marketing tool. Through collaborations with notable influencers, taking advantage of current topics and trends, and creating content that’s relatable and relevant with the younger crowd, creators and businesses have blown up overnight thanks to the magic of Tik Tok. Since the app is also free, it costs brands very little money to advertise via Tik Tok. What’s different about Tik Tok is that authentic, casual, and spontaneous content tends to perform the best. Unlike Instagram, which has a much more calculated and polished feeling to it. Because those videos are the most likely to go viral, there’s no need for huge productions and large budgets in order to be successful on the app. Thanks to Tik Tok’s unique algorithm, anyone can become an overnight sensation!

Who’s doing Tik Tok right?

There are a few select brands and businesses that stand out when it comes to being successful on Tik Tok. It’s clear that these brands have taken the time to figure out what type of advertising and promotion works for their brand, and boy do they have it down now!

1. @Chipotle

From challenges, to giveaways, to the use of influencers, Chipotle knows their audience and knows exactly how to entertain them!

Ryan Air takes full advantage of relevant trends and Gen Z humor to keep their audience of over 2 million followers coming back for more laughs, and plane tickets!

What was once just known as an app for language learning is now arguably one of the most notable and identifiable accounts on Tik Tok. Their 6+ million followers can’t get enough of the silly videos of the beloved Duolingo owl who’s always getting up to no good in the office.

Aaand Cut

To put it simply, Tik Tok has undeniably created a reputation for itself over the past few years as a staple social media platform. It’s good for so many things: knowledge, laughs, news, advertising, ideas, trends, collaborations, and so much more.

Therefore, if you aren’t already on Tik Tok, WYD?!?

If you or your business are interested in getting on Tik Tok, contact us! Visit our website for more information, and send us an email to inquire about our marketing and social media services.

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