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What Platform Should You Advertise On?

Running ads is a fantastic way to start skyrocketing your business into success. They’re the undisputed king of adverts that drive sales and signups from your online site, but what’s the best way to go about it? With a plethora of social media channels now diluting the digital sphere, and offering advertising to businesses, we’re here to help you understand which one is the best for your company!

Selecting the perfect platform for your social media advertising campaign has everything to do with your audience. For example, Instagram tends to cater to a younger audience, while LinkedIn most commonly targets professionals. Meanwhile Facebook is a bit of a mixed bag. Ultimately LinkedIn tends to be very expensive per click through to your website, often costing upwards of £5 per click. Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram ads tend to cost anywhere from £0.15 to £0.50 a click. From these stats alone you might see the benefit of going down the Facebook route, since you’re getting more bang for your buck.

LinkedIn There are benefits to going through LinkedIn. LinkedIn ads tend to focus on Business To Business, and thus big companies might be more interested in spending the bigger bucks to get a large client on board. Spending the money to catch the bigger fish. LinkedIn also comes with the benefit of knowing your audiences entire work history and their current employer.

Twitter Twitter tends to get left out of advertising talks when it’s competitors are concerned, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got a lot to give! When you promote tweets on Twitter, you only pay when you've achieved your marketing objective. For example, if you run an app install campaign, you only pay for the number of successful app installs. They also have a unique way of targeting that isn’t offered on other platforms. You can target people who have used a specific word or hashtag in their Twitter update (or people who have interacted with tweets containing those words) in the last seven days. Another hidden gem is you can remarket by targeting just people who have engaged with your previous tweets! You can also get a relatively low cost per click for twitter, especially compared to LinkedIn. All round they’re a pretty safe and fun choice for running ads!

Facebook What do we use? Facebook. Facebook reigns supreme when it comes to collecting your data, and they have just about everything about us as people in their system. Freaky, I know. But it does mean when you’re wanting to target people with ads, it does make it very very easy and effective. With Facebook’s extensive knowledge, cheap ad clicks and overall intuitive interface, it is, in my opinion, the go to social media location for ads! Not only that, but since Facebook owns Instagram, you’re getting two social media platforms in one! Are you interested in setting up ads for your company and producing some instant growth? Get in touch here.

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