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At Zync Digital, we do things differently.

Our Story

At Zync Digital we want to make the world a better place.


Founded in 2018 to provide digital marketing solutions in the ethical finance & social enterprise sectors. We made our name helping bring credit unions into the 21st century, as our business grew, so did our team - and our ambitions. We saw how the work we did for our clients enabled them, in turn, to provide a better and more comprehensive service to their own clients & customers, and ultimately make a positive difference within their communities.


At Zync Digital our vision is to be the leading digital marketing agency for credit unions and social enterprises in the UK - we strive to offer the very best digital services, to enable our clients to reach as many people as possible, whilst having the most social impact for the communities they serve.


We’ll deliver our vision by living our values and promoting them across the wider landscape of business. We know this is the right way to do things, and by finding businesses and entrepreneurs who hold the same values as us we know that together, we can make a real difference. 


Together we can change the world.




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Our Values



Being a social enterprise ourselves. We have an asset lock in place, meaning that 50% of profits have to be retained or invested back into the business or its assets.



Providing the best quality digital marketing services to our clients. Remaining affordable to our clients in the social enterprise sector, whilst providing valuable services.



Being the best-placed, most knowledgeable and compassionate partner to the credit union and social enterprise sectors.



Continually searching for innovative ways to enhance our own capability, to improve our client's digital presence across all channels.



Paying our staff a Living Wage, as we know the importance of earning decent wages for valued work, and providing staff with an enjoyable, fair, and rewarding work environment.

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