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Introducing Andreia Rech...

Hello everybody, my name is Andreia and I’m the new Designer and Marketing Executive at Zync Digital. This is my first official day and I am already excited about what’s ahead. The team is kind and supportive and it’s a very welcoming environment.

My love story with design started when I did not even know it existed. As a kid, I used to create fake business brands and the whole advertising campaign and branding. So I thought. When it was time to go to university, I knew it needed to be something related to creativity and communication.

During my graduation in Product Design, I had the opportunity to study abroad with a government scholarship. To have a different experience from the small-ish beach town I lived in Brazil, I chose London. It was an eye-opening experience for new ways of life, self-improvement, and a lot of learning.

Upon my return to finish my graduate studies, I started working at a newly established company that had a lot in common with my values: integrity and sustainability. I helped establish work systems and had ultimate responsibility across all aspects of design and marketing strategy, along with an incredible team where I made friends for life. My time there allowed me to develop hard and soft skills, to collaborate and build relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, from warehouse staff to directors and investors; from clients to service providers and partners.

Although I really liked my life back on the beautiful island of Floripa, something was humming “London is Calling”. And then life presented me with another opportunity to come back to London. I gave myself a deadline of two years to make my goal list happens. After that period, the assessment was that some things worked out, some not quite, and others turned out better than expected.

Now, at Zync, I can definitely say that even more “better than expected” things happened. Working at a Marketing Agency specialised in Credit Unions and Social Enterprises goes hand in hand with what I believe in on both professional and personal levels. It’s delightful to be surrounded by authentic forward-thinking people and be part of a team with greater purpose and community vision. I am very enthusiastic about this new opportunity at Zync and knowing that my work here will positively impact society lights up my eyes.

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