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Introducing...the #CUChallenge for ICU Day 2023!

The 75th anniversary of International Credit Union Day is approaching on October 19th!

ICU Day celebrates the credit union sector and recognizes the role credit unions play in empowering individuals and communities to achieve financial comfort. It’s a day to highlight the principles that guide credit unions and their dedication to providing accessible and affordable financial services to people from all over the world.

At Zync Digital, we are introducing a challenge to celebrate the 75th anniversary of ICU Day. We encourage all our credit union friends and colleagues to find, create, or interact with a number 75. It can be anything relating to the number - a roadsign, a door number, anything!

And that’s not all - the most creative use of the number 75 wins a £50 Voucher from Social Supermarket. It’s time to celebrate the history and accomplishments of the credit union movement and continue to inspire individuals and communities.

So get involved on Thursday 19th October, tag us on social media (@ZyncDigital), and use the hashtags #CUChallenge and #ICUDay23.

To find out more, email us at

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